Store Policies

ITEMS PERMISSIONS: All Dead Dollz items comes with copy/no transf permissions . Please do not ask for different permissions, as the request will be ignored.

CUSTOM WORKS: Although I understand the need of uniqueness everyone might have for their special occasions, my various commitments prevent me from accepting custom orders.

This means I will not modify the existing dresses in my collection nor I will create new custom gowns.


Events: Please address Kiddo Oh a notecard with informations about the event, I will consider it and reply as soon as possible.

Models/Pageants Candidates: I will not sponsor models during modeling contests. Dead Dollz items are available for sale in Dead Dollz Mainstore and Marketplace, if needed.

MALLS/FASHION DISTRICTS: I do not have the time to follow the set up of new spaces at the moment.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: No managers, executives nor models are needed.



Many efforts and a considerable amount of time is daily invested into creating Dead Dollz products so, please, respect my work and do not ask for free dresses.

This applies to new residents, old residents, models, contestants and, sadly, friends.

Thanks for understanding.