My Attic – November’s Round

I’m extremely honored to have been invited to My Attic by lovely Sasy Scarborough!

November’s theme at My Attic is “How to marry a millionaire”. Unfortunately I do not know how to do so, but I do know how to make a dress!

And the dress that immediately came to my mind is the lovely pink gown worn by Pola, Marilyn Monroe’s character, in the dinner out scene.

I know we were supposed to take inspiration and not re-create the actual items but I couldn’t resist!

I love this gown so much, it’s the very essence of refined elegance, is a must have!


Pola is available in 5 great colors:

And for the incredible price of 95L!!!

It’s a steal isn’t it???

You absolutely need this dress, believe me 🙂

My Attic will only be open from November, 21st until November, 30th, so don’t miss the chance to buy this stunning gown for a very ridiculous price. It will come back to its regular price once the event is over.



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