Bloggers Application

Dead Dollz Blogger Search – March 2017

We are looking for passionate, artistic, dedicated bloggers who genuinely love Dead Dollz creations.

Our ultimate goal is for our products to reach the largest possible audience, we are looking for bloggers with a strong presence on social media such as Flickr, Facebook, Plurk, Twitter.

The amounts of followers, views, favs and likes will play a huge role in selecting the Bloggers who will be part of Dead Dollz Bloggers Group.

Please read the following requirements and rules carefully before applying:

Minimum Requirement to be considered for a blogger position:

• High quality pictures with:
• Average of 1000 views on your Flickr pictures
99+ favs for your Flickr pictures
• At least ONE recent blog post featuring a Dead Dollz creation
• Strictly NO PORN 

As we feel that it would be a conflict of interests we will not be accepting anyone who owns/designs for a clothing store.

You need to have a free group space. You will then have access to a system where you can collect the releases you wish to blog

Blogger rules:

• You must provide a minimum of 2 unique blog posts per month
• You can collect as many releases you want, but you must blog everything you collect
• Blog a release you collect within 2 weeks and/or before the events end date in case of events exclusives
• Post all blog pictures on Flickr and add them to the Dead Dollz Flickr Group

If selected, you will receive a confirmation notecard along with Rules and Guidelines by the end of March.

Due to limited space available in our bloggers list we are unable to accept everyone who applies for the position.

If you are not selected please know that this is not a personal matter

If you agree to the above, please fill out the

Application Form:

Thank you so much for your interest in blogging for Dead Dollz.