Ooops she did it again!

While scrolling Facebook’s post yesterday I stumbled into a photo containing the logo of a designer I had to deal with last february.

I had to file a DMCA against her after she (allegedly) copybotted one of my creations and tried to sell it in the same event I was part of. Not a very smart move, I would say.

Out of curiosity, after seeing her logo, I decided to visit her store again and with great surprise I’ve found what seemed to be that same dress for sale, in another color, with a different name.

This obviously did not leave me indifferent.

But let’s start from the very beginning.

While browsing the blog of a blogger I know, back in february, I ran into the photo of this one gown, that I recognized as MY gown, credited to another designer, a certain Yokana, whom I never met before nor I had heard of until that very moment. The dress was called The Lovely Rose Gown and looked identical to my Cosette Blush Gown, released by Dead Dollz in September, 2013, as confirmed by this Flickr Post.

 Here a comparison of the two dresses.


I posted this on my Facebook page as well as on Flickr, but at the time I made the huge mistake of not disclosing the name of the designer, which allowed her to persist in her dishonest behavior.

My second mistake was to try to resolve the problem by having an honest confrontation with her.

An exchange of notecards followed:



She replied with an IM in which she claimed she bought the textures on the Marketplace and she had nothing to do with the ripping of the textures, she sent me a friend request (?) and asked for some time to find the transaction details.


Please remember she was “shocked”.

So, despite her puzzling and somehow useless explanation, I finally filed a DMCA and the item was removed from her inventory.


Since Linden Labs can not delete the files from her personal computer she was still in possession of my work.

At some point she must have thought that a poorly done recoloring would have granted her immunity. So she painted it all black and uploaded the file again. She changed the name of the dress, which is now called “Ti Amo” and sold for 450L$ (what a  coincidence! It’s Cosette’s price too! ).

I am crediting the artwork below (lol) as property of YokianaSL Resident as visible in her Mainstore.

This is the comparison between the two dresses today:

Outlines are still clearly the same, she added few more strings on the corset and made it black but it’s still undeniably my work.

There is also something I had never noticed on my own file, a flaw, a mistake that I made when I merged the layers,  I must have added a layer that was not meant to be there, the outline of a bra. It was barely noticeable on my dress because of the light color, but once she has made it black the flaw became more evident:

It becomes slightly visible if one wears a darker skin with the original dress….

I should be flattered that even my mistakes are copied, but i am not.

So remember how shocked she was to find out she was re-selling a copybotted item?

How sorry she was about that?

This time she DOES know she is violating Intellectual Property Rights, so she is either so full of herself she thinks she can get away with it or she is so… how can I say?… Naive? … That she thinks a simple recoloring is sufficient to make the item her own creation.

I decided to disclose the name of the person who is selling my work as hers because I believe this is the only way to stop her dishonesty: by letting people know who are they dealing with. I should have done that back in February, but I’m always too good, always too worried to hurt other people’s feelings, even a thief’s, because there was that small chance she was really a victim of scam.

But she is not.

I have of course filed a new DMCA against YokianaSL Resident that will be sent via fax tomorrow (Linden Labs offices are closed during the weekend).

In the meantime, in order to frustrate her efforts I have created my own version of Cosette in Black, which I have every right to do, as I am the rightful owner of the textures. (…and possibly teaching her something about recoloring, in the meantime)

I will be selling Cosette in Black for 1L$ in my Mainstore until the DMCA takes its course and the files are permanently removed from YokianaSL Resident’s inventory and/or from all her alternative accounts’ inventories.

I am deeply thankful to my friends and loyal customers for the unfailing support and the constant love they show me in all the Facebook messages and IMs.

Enjoy the dress, and please refuse to wear stolen items.

Fight Intellectual Property Infringement.



Follow up:

I just received this email from IP team  Linden Labs:

Linden Lab has received your notification of copyright infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), 17 U.S.C. § 512.

After having reviewed your notification:

In compliance with the DMCA, the following work(s) have been expeditiously removed or disabled:

Description of work(s):
Lovely Rose Gown

Location of Work(s):
Guzel Ada (139,24,22)
Inventory of YokianaSL Resident

The IP Team at Linden Lab
Thank you everyone for the incredible support, for all the nice IMs, for making me feel I was not alone in this fight.
I have felt so much love coming from you and I am truly blessed for having such a great and caring people on my side.
I removed the dress from my store, with the hope that I won’t have to do anything like that again. I know some of you did not agree with me making a public statement over this issue and exposing the thief. But I truly felt this was the only way to make her stop once and for all.
Thank you.
So so so much <3


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